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WIAP MEMV® Sample protocol

Update Wiap MEMV Protocol System




Protocol page 1 = master data

Protocol page 2 = photo installation

Protocol page 3 = characteristic data shift X, Y and Z axes

Protocol page 4 = characteristic data shift speed, ampere, acceleration

Protocol page 5 = master data transfer, change all axes all directions

                              signature, date and stamp of the quality manager



MEMV_WM820_20_X_Neutral__r9                   MEMV WM 820  Webseiten Version r10 


WM820_20AB_SampleCustomer1_Part1_r1b     3 pages protocol with MEMV® G shift values

WM820_20AC_SampleCustomer1_Part1_r1c     1-page graph X/Y/Z values

WM820_20AD_SampleCustomer1_Part1_r1    1 side diagram amps, speed and G values



Component Art










Cubic component Normal









Flange Double 4 point to 2 meter diameter







Kubisches Bauteil Platten Einzel








Cubic component plates single








Flange single










Rollers with stubs









Around machines









Customer number
































Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

Sample 5

Sample 6

Sample 7


x Link

x Link x Link x Link x Link x Link x Link


x Link

x Link x Link x Link x Link x Link x Link


x Link

x Link x Link x Link x Link x Link x Link



From 1.7.2020 there will be 2 new protocol versions


Type 1 with manual measurement


WM820_20AH_Muster Kunde1_Teil1_r1h         4 pages protocol consist of: 

1-1 pages diagramm X/Y/Z values

                                                                               1-2 page, diagramm, ampere, speed and G values

                                                                               1-3 page, with MEMV® G shift values

                                                                               New in every direction was exactly how much in which axis
                                                                               the G shift was

                                                                               Document signed and stamped

1-4 page with photo and description and abbreviation of the photographer with date  




Type 2 with fully automatic 8 directions acquired data, example







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