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                                                                                                                                                      WIAP Reports


Artificially aging


Multiple clamping


WM877 Heavy duty components 60 tons  


WM877b Heavy duty components 110 tons


MEMV, Flame straightening


Flame straightening Information 02, MEMV


Rollers stress relief with vibration MEMV


Photo Gallery WIAP MEMV rollers


Plates stress relief with vibration


Sheet Plates stress relief with vibration


Welded constructions MEMV relax


Photo Gallery Welded constructions


Vibration stress relief of Duplex


WM858 Turbine Rings


MEMV WM857 Impeller


MEMV WM872 Vehicle undercarriage


Transport stress problem





Gross component in WIAP MEMV vibration  stress relief. Sven Widmer (Picture: Jim Widmer)





Contour-milled rolls are further processed before MEME, metal stress relief with vibration. Sven Widmer. Picture (H.P Widmer)



Wiap machine bed DM3S at MEMV,
Vibration relax. Sven Widmer. (Picture H.P Widmer)





35 layers of welds are WIAP MEMV
relaxed vibration. Picture (H.P Widmer) 




Double headstock front of the rollier and peeling machine WIAP DM3S during vibration release system MEMV. (Picture H.P Widmer)




Cold drawn steel relaxes MEMV vibration
treated before he goes to the hardening shop. That was a delay test
with the system MEMV vibration relaxation.




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