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WM Summary report 2019_01 PDF English


01: Heavy rollers



Figure 1: Jim Peter Widmer in Germany at the end customer, heavy rolls were rough turned up to now, then annealed and finished. New pre-machined and MEMV relaxed; the same result.




Figure 2: Sven Widmer and Jim Widmer addition to the robust MEMV wave jig.



02: Shaped tubes



Figure 3: Form pipes were stress relieved until now. It has, however, they usually moved again and realigned had. MEMV metal relax with vibration solves the problem. This form tubes are not vibrate crooked after processing. 3 x 8 minutes treated MEMV, no distortion.




Figure 4: These heating dots are flame-related position that the pipe 12 meters at 0.5 mm is even. No delay in processing if MEMV treated.



03: Plates



Figure 5: 03 plates / sheets it tarry after lasers. If MEMV is relaxed, no delay.

Clamped together 6 mm plates 20 pcs., and treated as a unit MEMV. 3 x 8 minutes and they do not warp during laser cutting.

The V20 activator is attached to the resilient member, and connection system.




Figure 6: Robust clamping, so that all Hertz zones can be reached, no stimulators falsification possible thanks to the rigid connection.




Figure 7: All corners are clamped together with many tons, so that all the plates are stimulated.




Figure 8: This slide plates are incubated at unvibrierten plates by the laser several mm cut crooked. If MEMV remain vibrates these plates straight.




Figure 9: The short boards, it does not warp. The long minimal in the middle because the dead center has not been moved during expansion.



04: Casting artificial aging test 01



Figure 10: Aging cast artificially small parts. Young Cast distort it; it must be stored until ok. Test MEMV well done; no delay after MEMV.

This cast housing on the multiple jig relaxed with D2 and D5 have not moved during processing. I.e. the artificial aging goes with the proper stimulator kind.





Figure 11: These small parts are relaxed even with vibration. So not only from 100 Kg.


05: Cast artificially age 02



Figure 12: Aging cast artificial. Young Cast distort it; it must be stored until ok. Test 02 MEMV well done; no delay after MEMV.

These two cast housing could be artificially aged. They have not moved after processing. 3 x 8 minutes vibrate.




Figure 13: Once again, the activator is very well secured, all clamped together firmly.



06: Turbines turning parts



Figure 14: Turbines turned parts are pre-turned; vibration then relaxed; then finished filming; then cut with the laser. Without vibration relaxation delay unravel after. MEMV relaxed; no distortion after laser cutting. The project was the photo make undesirable. Photo from the Internet.



07: Vehicle Industry welded structures



Figure 15: Vehicle Industry. Components are annealed with vibration laid in place. Hundreds of parts per year are relaxed with MEMV system, vibration relaxed.




Figure 16: Component for the aircraft industry is relaxed with vibration. Here, too, 3 x 8 minutes.



08: Precision rollers



Figure 17: Precision rollers for the paper industry. These are vibration relaxed during the manufacturing process MEMV. Without vibration in the hundredth mm round. Vibration relax after the system MEMV. These components run finally with a concentricity of 0.002 mm after the chromium plating. It can not be done without MEMV.




Figure 18: Even the inner core, not only the outer shell is treated before shrinking MEMV and then again before the finish turning.



09: Impeller



Figure 19: Impeller. Vibration relax instead stress annealing. 3 x 8 minutes, the components are finished.





Figure 20: WIAP MEMV 20 E system in use. The delivery range has been extended to other models for 2 5 tons, 20 tons, 50 tons, 100 tons and 200 tons components. 



Conclusion: The WIAP AG is kept constantly on new measurements and investigations, will once it has new evidence to inform you about.

We are sure that when a customer has begun with the MEMV, you will not want anything else, because it makes your job easier immense that in addition to the purse convinced the cycle time, speed, no oxidation and sand blasting and much more.





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