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Metal dissipate residual stresses with vibration WIAP® MEMV®

No annealing, no stress relief annealing, vibrate with the WIAP® MEMV® process


Introduction: MEMV


Investigations WIAP 2018


Test methods of stresses measure


MEMV Panel




Literature about vibration stress relief


Report WM811 Chapters


Investigation reports


Technical MEMV information


MEMV Brochures




Old literature about metal stress relief


How is with vibration stress reliefed?


Info MEMV® 2016




Press releases


Foren Information























P2: Wiap Vibrator V20 2D on base plate




P3: WIAP V20 2D  




P4: Heavy roller during MEMV decompression. Sven Widmer and Jim Widmer




P5: OV20 MEMV relaxing unit










P7: New WIAP MEMV control unit with direct status display in addition to the printout




P8: The component was flame-directed and is now treated with MEMV®. Metal relax with vibration




P9: he component loses scale through the WIAP® MEMV® process. In order to reduce the voltage, the scale is also eliminated.     



Reduce residual stresses with vibration an alternative to annealing / stress-relieving annealing
WIAP MEMV, metal relax with vibration
Metal dissipate residual stresses with Vibration WIAP MEMV
No annealing, no low stress annealing vibrate using the WIAP MEMV method. For example, relax 12 tons with 2 KW


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